e-Commerce Fulfillment
and Logistics Services


Offering the best customer service in the industry. Guaranteed.

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

No matter where you sell your products, we've got you covered.

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And more!

Receiving, Storage,
and Shipping

We'll receive your goods, store them securely, and ship them out fast.

and Packing

Send us your goods and we'll handle the rest. We have plenty of options including environmentally friendly materials.


We'll make sure your products arrived the way you ordered them. We also offer independent, overseas, on-the-ground inspections. 

Product Assembly, Bundling, and Kitting

Overcome common supply chain challenges and let us handle your product assembly at our warehouse. 

Step 1

Plug into our  software system.

Step 2

Ship your products to our secure, 24/7 monitored warehouse.

Step 3

We receive your orders as they come in, and we ship out your orders!

What Clients Say

"3PLzen brings the humanity back to fulfillment services. Highly recommend, it's been a really positive experience since we moved our products over to them."