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The 3PL designed for online sellers. 

The Best Customer Service in the Industry. Guaranteed.

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The most customer focused 3PL in the world

3PLzen was created to be your 3PL partner for growth. Your business matters to us, and we show it. We want you to succeed, and we'll help you do it with the best logistics services in the industry. See for yourself.

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Receiving, Storage, and Shipping

We'll receive your goods, store them securely, and ship them out fast.

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Labeling and Packing

Send us your goods and we'll handle the rest. We have plenty of options including environmentally friendly materials.

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Quality Control 

We'll make sure your products arrived the way you ordered them. We also offer independent, overseas, on-the-ground inspections. 

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Product Assembly, Bundling, and Kitting

Overcome common supply chain challenges and let us handle your product assembly at our warehouse. 

Warehouse Workers

Your 3PL e-commerce partner

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Step 1

Plug into our robust inventory management software solution.

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Step 2

Ship your products to our 24/7 monitored warehouse.

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Step 3

We receive your orders as they come in, and we ship out your orders!